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15+ Years Of Manufacturing

Precision Stainless Strip Coil

ISO 9001 : 2015 certified, we produce ultra thin and high strength precision stainless steel strips from a thickness of 0.05 – 2 mm (.002″-.079”)

Welcome To Shimfer

Precision Strip Rolled To Custom Requirements

Our state-of-the-art equipments enable us to manufacture stainless steel strip to precise custom sizes, ultra-thin gauges, and with tightly controlled mechanical properties. 

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ISO 9001 Certified
MSDS Approval
RoHS Compliant
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Years Of Experience

Our Products

Precision Stainless Steel Strip Coil 300 Series

We can supply precision stainless steel strip in a variety of tempered conditions, from Annealed to Super Hard, with tight dimensional tolerances and high accuracy on flatness and straightness.

301 Stainless Steel Strip

UNS S30100, AMS 5901 (ANN), AMS 5517 (1/4H), AMS 5518 (1/2H), AMS 5902 (3/4H), AMS 5519 (FH)

Super Hard 620 HV

304 Stainless Steel Strip

UNS S30400, AMS 5513 ( ANN),AMS 5910 (1/4H), AMS 5911 (1/2H), AMS 5912 (3/4H), AMS 5913 (FH)

Ultra Thin 0.05 mm

316L Stainless Steel Strip

UNS S31603, AMS 5507, SAE 30316L ( 17Cr - 13Ni - 2.5Mo ), ASTM A666

Slitting Width 2 mm
Looking For A New Supply Chain Partner?

Our commitment to continuous improvement and providing top quality products and services sets us apart from our competitors.

Why Choose Us

Building A Strong Foundation On Quality

Through our strategic partnership with Posco, the world’s fourth biggest steel producer, we have access to a reliable supply of high quality raw materials that we use in our manufacturing process.

Product Features

  • Exceptionally flat
  • Smooth surface
  • Tightest tolerance
  • Good properties
  • Our Advantages

  • Extensive Inventory
  • Short Lead Time
  • Small Order
  • Free Sample
  • Our Projects

    Featured Projects

    With excellent mechanical properties, our precision stainless strip are used in a wide range of applications across multiple industries.

    Constant Force Springs

    Material: Type 301, Extra Hard, Size: 0.25 x 30 mm, Hardess Vickers: 550 HV Min, Tensile Strength: 252 ksi ( 1740 MPa) Min.

    Coin Cell Battery Holders

    Material: Type 304, 3/4H (AMS 5912), Size: 0.25 x 50 mm, Hardess Vickers: 310 HV Min, Tensile Strength: 135 ksi ( 930 MPa) Min.

    Banding Strap

    Material: Type 304, ANN (AMS 5513), Size: 0.50 x 12.7 mm, Hardess Vickers: 200 HV Max, Tensile Strength: 70 ksi ( 480 MPa) Min.

    Flexible Metal Hose

    Material: Type 316L, ANN (AMS 5507), Size: 0.15 x 30 mm, Hardess Vickers: 200 HV Max, Tensile Strength: 70 ksi ( 480 MPa) Min.

    Metal Stampings

    Material: Type 304, ANN (AMS 5513), Size: 0.05 x 300 mm, Hardess Vickers: 200 HV Max, Tensile Strength: 70 ksi ( 480 MPa) Min.

    USB Connectors

    Material: Type 304, 3/4H (AMS 5912), Size: 0.20 x 50 mm, Hardess Vickers: 310 HV Min, Tensile Strength: 135 ksi ( 930 MPa) Min.

    Our Customers

    What People Say

    Our ability to develop customized material solutions comes from working closely with our customers so we can better understand their needs.

    "While we tried several stainless spring steel suppliers throughout China, only Shimfer's 301 EH material met our requirements in terms of strength, hardness, and mechanical properties."
    Team Of Aote Spring
    Production Technicians
    "We're a metal stamping company that's worked with Shimfer for over 5 years. They consistently deliver a superior product to us. They're always on time and on budget."
    Scott Johnson
    Project Engineer
    "We test and measure our materials before they are sent out. The strip Shimfer has delivered is manufactured the same way every time, and superior quality and precision are maintained."
    Elle Carsen
    QC at Distribution Center
    "We are using Shimfer's high-strength strip materials as a tool to help us achieve our goals after Shimfer presented their products to our company."
    Neil Fisher
    R&D Engineer at Connector Inc
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    As a leading precision stainless strip manufacturer, Shimfer is committed to advancing precision strip through partnerships with progressive companies.Together, we can achieve the impossible!

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